The incredible food of Disney and Universal in Orlando was a huge part of our holiday last year. I had been told how good the food was by a chef friend of mine, so I looked into all the restaurants that I wanted to go to whilst we were there. They certainly didn't disappoint.

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness.

A real flavour of the Frontierland that Walt Disney had envisaged right at the beginning.

The Living Area.

The kitchen diner.

Leading to the bathroom and bedroom.

The bedroom.

A real cabin feel to the bedroom.

It's all in the detail.

The attention to detail was fantastic everywhere within the Disney properties.

Our Disney Wilderness adventure.

Strangely enough no one wanted to sit beside us on the flight out!! I can't think why?

Our Disney Wilderness adventure started around the December before we were due to go.  It was all a bit intimidating and there seemed so much to do and to organise.  Many of our friends that had been and some of them several times kept saying to us, do you have your fast passes sorted yet, have you got your meals booked?

This really was starting to stress us out and time was ticking.  Another friend and fellow chef mentioned to me that the food is incredible and that I would love it.  This was when I started to look into it in a little more detail.  We had the Disney dining plan which included 1 quick serve meal per day, 1 waiter service meal per day, which both included a drink and 2 snacks per day.  Bearing in mind we were going to be at Universal for 3 nights, we certainly had plenty food credits for whilst we were there.

This meant that we were able to dine in quite a few of the signature and character dining restaurants as they both required 2 waiter service credits per meal.  It would look like planning the dining would be an expedition in itself.

Joss had done all the hard work looking at the Disney resorts to decide which one suited us.  We aren’t really the Disney type and the holiday wouldn’t have been a first choice for us, but we promised George that we would go if he passed his 11+, so we couldn’t go back on it.

It came down to two choices, The Cabins at Fort Wilderness or The Animal Kingdom resort hotel.  Animal Kingdom was fully booked, we decided on the Cabins.  It was perfect for us.  Right in the middle of the forest and swamp.  Wildlife all around us, just outside our door we would have frogs, lizards, birds and even armadillos.  Within the resort we had wild deer and many more birds and fish up at the lake.  On our last day I even saw a hummingbird, I was too slow to catch it on camera.  We were lucky to see an alligator on the way to Epcot one day as we were on the bus.  It was just at the side of the slip road off the freeway.

Fort Wilderness also housed the Campsites, don't be fooled by the name.  This area was huge and the pitches were for RV's that were enormous beyond normal proportions, typically American huge!!  Some of the bus style ones are upwards of £200,000!  Fort Wilderness had everything we could have wanted, pools, shops, areas to walk, fishing ponds, Wild West style horse Corral, outdoor cinema and fire pits, BBQ style restaurant and Saloon Bar and The Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.  Housed in the Pioneer Hall, it's a fun family dining and entertainment package you won't forget.  From the top of the Fort grounds you access the lake which takes you by boat to several other Disney properties and straight to the entrance of The Magic Kingdom.  The trip on the lake is an experience in itself, wildlife abounds, birds of all shapes and sizes, fish and if you are lucky you might spot an alligator. 

The sheer choice of restaurants within Disney is incredible, but the area that all the parks and properties covers is the same size as Greater Manchester!  We were certainly going to make the most of it as we all love our food.  We were able to dine as if we were traveling the world.  Which is kind of what you are doing whilst in the Disney parks anyway.  Whether its in Epcot and you are going from country pavilion to country pavilion.  In Animal Kingdom going from Asia to Africa.  Or within Hollywood studios being at a 50’s diner to a Tex-Mex street food stall.  We had different food for almost every meal.

Tacos, rice bowls, burgers, fried chicken, pizza, seafood, lobster boil, steak, BBQ, wings, calamari, salads, desserts, fantastic wine, craft ales, root beer, iced tea, coffee, pastries……. The list could go on all day, I think you get the picture.

One of the many Lizards.

Dappled light in the swamp on our doorstep.

Our little froggy friend.

Seriously!? This was in our cabin.

Invasive Wildlife

One of the invasive species of wildlife, commonly known as Gymnastia-Skiarus- Georgios-Brownus.

Kona Cafe at The Polynesian.

Incredible sushi at Kona Café.

Our first full day saw us go to The Magic Kingdom, it had to be done and it was a good one to get out of the way.  Most of what was on offer George had grown out of a few years before, also because of the travelling the day before we started later so that we could catch up on some sleep.  Our fast passes were for the afternoon and we were due to go on Avatar Flight of Passage after dinner.  It kind of worked as we could just jump on the boat at the Polynesian over to Animal Kingdom.  Who were we kidding?  There was no way that we had the energy after dinner to start all over again, we would just have to hope we could either get another fast pass or queue up for it. 

Back to the food.  Kona Café serves up a relaxed food with an emphasis on salads, sandwiches, burgers, sushi and poke bowls.  All three of us could not resist the sushi.  I had a crab maki roll and sashimi platter.  George had eel maki roll with flying fish roe which disappeared in about 60 seconds flat.  I think he enjoyed it.  Joss had tempura prawn maki roll.  It was incredible sushi, so fresh and full of flavour.  And we all had a dessert.  Chocolate and coffee pots and lemon and raspberry pots.  They were so good I forgot to take pictures of them.   Simply perfect for us on our first day of park running.  It was nice and light yet filling enough for us to feel content.

Trails End at Fort Wilderness.

Classic American BBQ, cowboy beans, brisket, smoked sausage, corn, cornbread, BBQ glaze and salad. All washed down with root beer.

We were so lucky to have the Trails End restaurant at Fort Wilderness.  It offers up a fantastic buffet style restaurant with homestyle cooking, ribs, brisket, whole baked salmon, salads, greens, cornbread, baked beans.  It is a real feel of the Wild West and Frontier land of days gone by.  From it you can also get takeaway from P&J’s Southern Takeout, offering pizza, burgers, chicken and ribs, sandwiches, snacks, beverages and breakfast and brunch items.  We would often grab a pastry on the way to the boat or bus en-route to one of the parks.

We dined a couple of times in the evening, once at lunch, once for takeaway pizza and many times for morning pastries.  Alongside the restaurant is the Pioneer Hall which houses The Hoop-De-Doo Revue.

A hilarious, high-spirited hootenanny the whole family will enjoy, accompanied by a finger-lickin’ countrified feast. Get ready to clap your hands, stomp your feet, sing along and have a good ol’ time at rustic Pioneer Hall.  In between skits and song standards, chow down on buckets of all-you-care-to-enjoy fried chicken and smoked BBQ pork ribs, as well as a tossed green salad, baked beans, fresh-baked cornbread and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  This was a real treat and fitting end to our time at Disney.  Our first meal was at the Trails End and we book ended it with the hilarious show on our last evening.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone traveling to Disney.

A picture tells a thousand words. Real belly ache laughing at The Hoop-De-Doo Revue.

Hoop-De-Doo Revue. Yee-Haw!

A real flavour of our evening in The Pioneer Hall. What a great way to end the holiday.

Coral Reef restaurant at Epcot

Dining with the fishes.

The Coral Reef restaurant is no ordinary restaurant.  It’s not every day that you get to sit and watch Sharks, Rays and Turtles swim by as you are eating.  As you can imagine the food is very much based around seafood.  A big thumbs up for us, if not a little strange when you are surrounded by them.

This is an extremely popular restaurant at Disney, as you would expect with such a spectacle to see.  It had been an uncomfortably hot day that day and the lure of the air conditioned restaurant was almost too much to wait for.  We arrived and there was the biggest queue that we had encountered so far at any restaurant, even with our pre booked time, it was a bit of a wait.  When we did get shown to our table there was a slight disappointment all round as it was one of the tables at the rear of the terraced dining area and we weren’t exactly close to the aquarium action, but I suppose there wasn’t much we could do.

After all the main reason to go was for the food and that certainly didn’t disappoint.  We all went fishy and I had to have a seafood boil.  I had been after one since we started looking at which restaurants to go to, it did not disappoint. Lobster, crab, Shrimp (king prawns for us), Mussels, Andouille Sausage, Corn, Potatoes, Ouzo-Garlic Butter, and Spiced Cioppino Broth.  Oh my god, it was incredible.  So tasty and a real bowl full flavour at every mouthful.  I was lucky to get some of the sausage to eat as George took a bit of a liking to it!  All washed down with one of my new favourite American ales, Fat Tire amber ale.  A smooth drop and rather appropriately named for my expanding waistline.

Joss had Seared Mahi Mahi, Jasmine Rice, Coconut and Cilantro (coriander)-Lime Sauce, Caribbean Shrimp Salsa.  This definitely went down well; Joss went very quiet during the eating of this and there certainly wasn’t any offer of a taste.  To my distress!  Fish, coconut curry style sauce and rice.  You don’t have to say much more, Joss is sold every time with a dish like this.  The inevitable glass of New Zealand sauvignon washed it down, she was getting to try a fair few of them on this trip and some of the wines came in at $20 a glass and were included in the meal plan, incredible value for people like us that were on the whole eating at the top end of the menu pretty well every time.

George’s meal that evening was Seared Swordfish with a warm salad of Haricot Blanc, cherry tomatoes, shaved  fennel, rocket, Lilliput capers, sweet peppers and red onion.  Once again there was not much time for breathing during this meal.  It was pretty well inhaled in between snaffling my slices of sausage from my seafood boil.  Fish and seafood really is George’s thing, to be fair food is his thing, any type, lots of it, expensive food, any type whatsoever and other peoples as well!  Root Beer was the tipple of choice for him that evening as it was becoming on may evenings, util we noticed the sugar content!  How much sugar???  I’ll just leave that one there.

All in all a fantastic experience and wonderfull food.  As for the aquarium, once we were finished our meal we went next door and spent ages in it taking in all the exibits.  It was a great way to spend the evening.

Seafood Boil

Lobster, crab, mussels, prawns, spiced sausage, red potatoes and corn all washed down with a cold glass of Fat Tire amber ale. What else could you want?

Our mate Ray!

Seared Swordfish

With a warm salad of Haricot Blanc, cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel, rocket, Lilliput capers, sweet peppers and red onion. George loved this.

Dining with the fishes.

Seared Mahi Mahi

Jasmine Rice, Coconut and coriander-Lime Sauce, Caribbean Shrimp Salsa. Joss was very quite eating this.

City Walk at Universal all lit up as the sun goes down.

Hard Rock Hotel at Universal.

All Harry Pottered up and ready to explore Hogwarts, Gringotts, Diagon Alley and all that the magical world holds. This was to be a real highlight for us as George is a huge Harry Potter fan. Univeral and The Hard Rock Hotel was going to be awesome.

We had decided that the easiest way to do Universal studios was to stay at one of their hotels, even though we had already spent a substantial amount for our accommodation and meal plan at Disney.  We got some very sage advice from a friend of ours that if you stayed in certain Universal properties you got express passes and early entry to the parks with your room booking.  This was worth in the region of $129 per person per day, so was a fantastic piece of advice and we jumped on it.  There are three of the Universal hotels that offer this deal, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel or Loews Royal Pacific Resort.  We went for The Hard Rock as it was only a 5 minute walk away from the parks and who doesn't want to live the Rockstar lifestyle.

The Hard Rock hotel is incredible, it offers the 5 star luxury, but without the stuffiness of some 5 star hotels, you can even have your own Fender Guitar and amp in your room if you want.  The hotel has everything that you would expect from bars, restaurants, spa and fitness facilities, great pool area, coffee shop and even their own Hard Rock shop.  We had to get our t-shirts so we could look like proper punters.

The coffee shop was great, Emack & Bolio’s Market Place, it opened early every morning and offered a Starbucks style experience with freshly baked pastries, fruit, drinks and of course great coffee.  More importantly tea for Joss!

We were staying for 3 nights, which gave us 4 days of express passes if we wanted them.  We arrived just before dinner, so didn’t take advantage of the passes that day as we had already done a Disney Park and then went back to the cabin to pick up our bags to Uber it across Orlando, at $19 for the trip it was amazingly good value and no need to download a separate app as the UK one worked fine.

After a long day in the park we were ready for dinner and decided to eat at the hotel in The Kitchen, their on site version of The Hard Rock Café dining experience.  We all plumped for The Kitchen burger that evening and due to extreme hunger there is no photographic evidence.  But I can assure you they were awesome.  Angus beef patties, bacon, cheddar, onion rings, lettuce, tomato and chipotle horseradish aioli.  It was my time to inhale food that evening.  My monster burger disappeared without Joss and George even noticing, they turned and noticed I had no burger left and the look on their faces was a picture.  Sheer disbelief, I was flippin starving.  A cracking pint of Blue Moon with a slice of orange, another cracking brew originating from Colorado.  Our second night we ate at The Kitchen again as it was just easy and we had had one full on day in the park doing everything Harry Potter, we were exhausted.

That evening George decided he wanted a steak, ok not a problem.  So he had New York Steak, Bacon and Yukon Potato Hash, Broccolini (that’s tenderstem broccoli for us), Tabasco Fried Onions, Burgundy Jus.  Only $42!!  Little Lord Fauntleroy and his expensive taste.  Joss and I decided on something a little lighter and just ordered a few appetisers.  How wrong were we?  The biggest colander of calamari I have ever seen for a starter, about a dozen buffalo wings, so tangy and super hot, French fries and a wedge salad.  We were not going to go hungry and there certainly was not any room for dessert!  The food was great on both occasions, it’s a little like TGI’s, you know what you are going to get and it will be done well.

Night three we ate out as we wanted to experience Universal City Walk as the sun went down and it came to life in a different way.  That also didn’t disappoint, we ate at Red Oven Pizza Bakery on the terrace watching the world go by as the sun was setting.  The rides were still going and took on a different feel as the shadows lengthened and the neon lights sparkled into life.

The pizza was good, really good.  You placed your order at the counter, sat down and they brought it over to you when it was ready, almost no time passed and our three freshly stretched and baked pizzas were with us.  I decided to have a Bianco pizza, no tomato base. Fennel Sausage - panna, mozzarella, ricotta, sweet fennel sausage, scallions, red onions, man it was good and just what I was wanting.  Joss is a creature of habit when it comes to pizza and if she didn’t have a pepperoni pizza I’d have fallen off my chair.  Thankfully still intact and not sitting on the floor Joss didn’t disappoint.  Big Eye Pepperoni - San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, large pepperoni.  George is a real meat feast kind of guy and he plumped for the Italian Meat - pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, speck, Kalamata olives, mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes.  At $15 dollars each, they certainly didn't break the bank.  Cold beer, crisp wine and refreshing 7up saw us all right in the beverage department.  It was just a great chilled way to watch the world go by after our crazy three days at Universal.  The first 2 in the parks doing the Harry Potter thing and then Blitzing the rides on the second day after spending 4 hours in the queue for the Hagrid ride, and yes it was well worth the wait, even if almost 2 hours of it was due to a storm in the area.  And we were queuing to get into the park that morning!!  And our last day thrill seeking at Volcano Bay water park on one of the best weather days of our trip.  Almost no rain to speak of and scorching hot.  Some of the rides are just ridiculous and only George managed them as Joss and I peed our pants and chickened out.

What can I say, Universal and The Hard Rock hotel rocked!!

Mmmmmm - Blue Moon.

Little Lord Fauntleroy's Steak.

Our small appetisers!

Chill out pizza on City Walk.

Ahhhh, that's better. Time for tea.

Paddlefish restaurant. Stunning old paddle steamer that has been converted to a plush seafood restaurant permanently moored at Disney Springs.

Paddlefish at Disney Springs.

The beautiful old paddle steamer that has been converted to make Paddlefish restaurant. A real piece of class and style.

This was a real highlight for us.  We knew it was going to be good, but it really was a feast of seafood fit for a king.  I was like a pig in the proverbial!

Our server that evening was great and helped us choose.  We pretty well knew what we wanted, but I was tempted by the seafood boil.  He recommended that we had the King Crab, Snow Crab and The Whole Maine Lobster between us.  They all came with red potatoes and corn on the cob.  Perfectly steamed and juicy with the taste of the sea and ozone undertones.  They took me straight back to my time when I worked at The Cellar in Anstruther, back home in Scotland.

George decided that he wanted some oysters to start with, so he decided to have 3.  This was just him exercising his new role as Little Lord Fauntleroy.  He was doing a good job of it.

I was being provider that night and cracking all the lobster and crab legs making sure that Joss and George had plenty to eat and of course myself as well.  The meat from all three of them was delicious and sweet.  It was just the best meal for us.  Totally perfect.  I think I must have spent almost an hour getting all the meat from the legs and lobster, I certainly wasn’t going to waste any.

George was full and couldn’t manage a dessert that night.  Joss had a berry cheesecake and I had a Key lime pie that was huge, but not artificial and green like some can be.  It was delicious, but I was really struggling to finish it.

George had a taste of the tropics mocktail for his drink that night, it was a meal within itself.  I had a glass of Albarino which was first class and Joss had her standard Sauvignon Blanc.  His mocktail was almost as expensive as our glasses of wine.

A first class meal in superb surroundings.  It was a real treat and to think that it was included within our meal plan.  It was a $250 bill and the only thing we had to pay for was the oysters at $9 and of course the service charge.  The service is one of the things that can come as a shock if you are on the Disney dining plan, hence why some people choose to go for the quick serve plan.  There really are some great quick service options that offer great food.

King crab, snow crab an Maine Lobster.

The Lord tucking into his oysters.

That's a face of contentedness.

Key Lime Pie.

The breakdown of the meal.

Tepan Edo at Epcot.

Three very happy faces after our superb Japanese experience at Tepan Edo.

Tepan Edo was a stressful day for us as we had booked it for the same day we were coming back from Universal and we got caught in a huge thunderstorm on the Uber journey back.  Then having to get changed, jump on busses over to Epcot and then run across to the Japanese pavilion, which just had to be the furthest point in the park.  There was no way that we were going to make it for the time we had booked.  Eventually we got there and as we suspected they couldn’t fit us in then and we would have to wait.  Nothing we could do about it, thankfully the wait wasn’t too long.

You are taken to your dining area surrounding the tepan grill which seats 8 people, so we shared ours with a family of 5 from New York State.  There is a real theatre to the meal and your chef really plays a part in providing this for you.  Not only by the skill of the cooking, but with the humour and theatrics that are displayed whilst doing this.

Vegetables are prepared along with udon noodles and seasoning.  Everyone has this as their side dish.  You choose what protein you would like and it is cooked on the grill in front of you.  I had scallops, joss had shrimp (king prawns) and George went down the steak route.  There were little dishes of soy, dressing and a crisp salad for us all as well as we waited for the main event to be cooked.  The food was incredible and the entertainment just as impressive.

Japanese beer on the menu for me that evening in the form of Asahi for me, couldn’t drag Joss away from her Sauvignon and I can’t remember what George had.  We loved Epcot, the pavilions of the different world regions, the technology and the rides and exhibits about Earth and Space.  It was really our thing.  The fact that there are so many different restaurants and styles of food to choose from it is a real destination for visitors in the evening.  We even saw people with t-shirts on saying “I’ve drunk my way round the world in a day”.  They start at one end of the park and spend all day making their way from pavilion to pavilion.  By the end of it some of them haven’t made it.

Tepan Edo is a must if you love your Asian and especially Japanese food.

Kenta, Our chef for the evening.

All the way from Japan, via Orlando!

Kenta doing his magic on the grill.

One of the pagodas in the Japanese pavilion.

Getting ready to go home for the evening.

Epcot is magical by night.

Kenta keeping us entertained.

The food is only part of the experience at Tepan Edo. The chef creates the masterpieces all in front of you with the deft of hand, quickness of humour that you would expect from a stage entertainer. It is fantastic.

Escargot at Be Our Guest.

Fillet of Beef at Be Our Guest.

Dessert plate at Be Our Guest.

Boma Restaurant.

The open grill at Boma.

Other highlights.

At the pub for a pint of Boddingtons.

There are so many other highlights, almost too many to mention. 

“Be Our Guest” the Beauty and the Beast character dining was fantastic.  It does feel a little like you are in a set or the actual cartoon, which for me was a little odd, but the food was incredible.  As you can expect with the French setting of the film that the food is very much French in style.  It was seriously good.  Again, this was a two credit meal.  So, you need to plan this or be prepared to pay a hefty supplement.  For most of the meals on your dining plan it is a main and a dessert, but for the likes of this one it is the whole menu.  Joss started with a lobster bisque which she loved and George and I both had Escargot.  This was the first time that we had both had snails and we really enjoyed them, lots of garlic butter and crispy breadcrumbs.  For main Joss had a risotto of garden peas, asparagus and charred corn with seared scallops.  Once again this was another dish that there was no sharing.  George and I both had Beef fillet, heritage carrots, pomme puree and Burgundy jus.  The beef was sublime, it melted in the mouth.  All the steaks that I had in America were very very good and always cooked exactly the way you wanted it.  There is no choice for dessert with this one, it is a trio of desserts and was a little style over substance, but at the same time was very good.  If you have a little princess then it will be right up your street, you even get to meet the Beast if you want.

At lunch we would have quick serve meals from our meal plan.  There really were some standout places that we enjoyed.  We had great Asian food from Anandapur local foods café in Animal Kingdom.  The heavens absolutely opened that day and it really felt authentic as we were sitting under the tin roof around the corner from The Expedition Everest Ride and the Kali River Rapids.  The staging of everything at Disney is second to none.

We had great tacos at La Cantina de San Angel from the Mexican pavilion in Epcot.  The Mexican soft drinks were really good as well.  As Brits it was good, but maybe Americans and Mexicans would say different.  The main thing is that we enjoyed it.

We had some super tasty rice bowls from Fairfax Fare at Disney Hollywood Studios, opposite Beauty and the Beast.  These were packed full of flavour and perfect for a fast lunch.

Columbia Harbour House by the Liberty Square Riverboat in Magic kingdom was a real find.  It’s tucked around the corner, so isn’t busy at all.  There was plenty seating inside and for us that day was perfect as it was really humid and kept raining.  The lobster rolls with home chips (crisps) were epic.  Really packed full of lobster meat and the chips were delicious.

George took a real liking to the dragon fruit iced tea from the Starbucks outlets.  As you can see from the picture, it was definitely a pick me up!!

Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a brilliant family friendly buffet service restaurant.  It is one of two that we dined in at this property, the other one was Jiko-The Eating Place.  I’ll get to Jiko in a bit.  But back to Boma.  There was a real hustle and bustle about the place.  Fitting in perfectly with the African theme.  The food stations are amazing, seeing whole New York striploins marinated and cooked on the open grill, salads, vegetables, seafood, desserts.  The choice yet again was fantastic.  The nice thing about all of the themed buffet restaurants was that you get to try so many different types of food that you wouldn’t normally do.  Our server that evening was excellent as well, it was as if she could read our minds.

Back to Jiko.  I had read loads of reviews about it before we went and was really looking forward to it.  We arrived in plenty time and got changed as it is one of the more exclusive restaurants and really showcases South African wines as well.  Apparently the biggest cellar of South African wines outside of South Africa.  I was dubious of this.   Again this was a 2 credit restaurant from your meal plan and it was one of our first meals.  It should have been a great experience, but unfortunately was the worst that we had at our time at Disney and Universal. 

It took them quite a long time to get us seated and then when they did the service was pretty slow.  Our order got taken and Joss and I went for the Special Celebration Circle of Life menu.  One starter, choice of mains and the same dessert.  Breads were served with whipped butters and they were superb.  Then there was the wait for the starter and the wait and the wait.  They eventually came after we spoke to our server and I think they had missed our check, it had been almost an hour from when our order was taken.  The starter was a strange mix of clams, bone marrow and sweet potato.  It really didn’t marry together very well and I enjoyed it ok, but Joss didn’t like it too much.  Another long wait for the mains and they eventually came.  Joss had a seafood curry which she enjoyed and I had rib of beef on the bone and like all the steaks I had, it was really very good.  Great flavour, tender and cooked how I’d asked.  George had a fillet steak which he demolished as usual. 

It was really getting late and with it only being our 2nd full day there we were still recovering from the travel.  It was just too late, we couldn’t wait any longer for our dessert, we just asked for the bill.  Our server brought the desserts in takeaway boxes and we took them back to our cabin.  A slightly strange concoction of chocolate, mango, celery cress.  There were elements of the whole meal that were superb, but there was an awful lot of style over substance and I feel that they were trying to create food that went with the Lion King circle of life story.  It was a real shame as it was a very expensive meal and if it hadn’t been on our meal plan I would not have been please at all.  It worried me that this was how the food was going to for all of our stay.  Thankfully this was not the case.

Was the meal so bad, were we over tired, was it a combination of the 2?  Probably.  Thankfully it was our only real experience of poor service and food that didn’t meet expectation.  Everything else we experienced was incredible.  You can be cynical and say that of course the service is good as they are aiming for 16-20% tip.  But they still have to produce it.  We loved America for this and it gave us a taste to visit more of the country.

We started out really unsure about Disney and the whole experience, but I can safely say that after a tired first few days of charging around and us finding our rhythm, we loved it.  We might even return one day.   Universal was definitely up there for us and Epcot.  The safari at Animal Kingdom was incredible as well.  So much of the whole experience we loved.  We just missed out on the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, so we have to go back for that don’t we??

On a final not, it will rain in the summer time.  And it will rain a lot.  Not every day, but most.  But you know what?  You just get on with it, it’s only rain.

Would I recommend Disney and Universal?  Yes, certainly would.  I’ve come to the conclusion that that there is something there for everyone.

Would I recommend Fort Wilderness and The Hard Rock Hotel?  Hell yes on both counts.  They are both brilliant and so different from each other.  A perfect mix for the perfect holiday.

Just be warned, it is a tiring holiday, it certainly isn’t a rest, but wow!  What an experience.

Harambe and Shrek in the clouds!

Even the clouds in Orlando get into the spirit of the parks!!

Fantastic rice bowl.

Lobster roll.

Breakfast on the terrace.

Peanut butter jelly on toast for George.

Dragon fruit Iced Tea.

What caffeine?

Summer Rain.

An example of the afternoon downpours that you get. If you are lucky they last 5 minutes. If you are unlucky they could last hours. You just have to accept that it will rain and it will be hot and humid. It's summer in Florida.

Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of Disney & Universal.

Stuart Brown